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Our favourite local restaurant and one that gets all the top star ratings is The Depot Restaurant in Seaview, Washington, and we are honoured to work on their small garden.

The Depot Restaurant

The Depot building was indeed a depot for the Clamshell Railroad. The Depot gardens consist of the front door container plantings, a garden bed on east side (left) of entrance, a garden bed behind the log that defines the parking area (backed with a wall of hops). You enter the dining deck from behind the clump of bamboo in the crook of the “L”.  A raised bed with ornamental grasses segues into a bed of herbs as it wraps around the east and south sides of the dining deck.

Depot, two garden beds, 30 June

Above: On a sunny day in June, the east wall garden bed with Cistus and Cosmos (left), and the north side of deck garden bed with Astilbe and Allium schubertii (right).

5 August, Dierama (Angel’s Fishing Rod)

Above, Dierama, Cosmos, Hardy Fuchsia, Cistus in the east wall bed.

5 August, Persicaria ‘Firetail, Brodiaea ‘Queen Fabiola’, Astilbe

5 August, Hardy Fuchsia, Astilbe

Above six photos on August 5th: The mostly shady garden bed on the north side of the outdoor dining deck.

Alongside the outdoor dining deck, a raised bed of railroad sleepers (ties) was built back when the restaurant opened and planted up with ornamental grasses and Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ from The English Nursery, a small collector’s nursery just three blocks away.  These make a privacy screen and rustling backdrop for outdoor dining in the summer.

Ornamental grass border along dining deck

In tribute to the delicious beers on tap at the Depot, we planted hops on the north side of the deck.

5 August, hops, views from inside and outside the dining deck

The containers and windowboxes around the entryway were planted up by The Basket Case Greenhouse.

Depot front door plantings

window box with plants from The Basket Case

late summer, Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ by the dining deck.

5 August, fresh herbs right outside the kitchen door

Let me know if you want company for dinner; we are always eager to dine at the Depot!

at entrance to outdoor dining deck

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