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Just outside the lower gate…golden hops has escaped the hedgerow and twines around my newspaper boxes.

golden hops

To the right of the lower gate, and orange lily seeks some room next to the tall wild impatiens (jewel weed, touch-me-not).  The jewel weed’s sap is good for nettle rash and insect bites.  Its flowers look like orchids. Its seeds leap out in a startling way when the seed pods are touched. It threatens to be on the noxious weed list, yet even though it seeds prolifically it is easy to pull.  I would not plant it next to a wild marsh, though.

jewelweed and lily

view from the gate

Ghilsane de Feligonde and Rosa palustris

Rose ‘Ghislaine de Feligonde‘ blooms profusely on the left side of the path.  I happened upon this rose quite accidentally when the owner of an old rose nursery north of Seattle suggested it to me.  He said I would be very happy with it.  It moved with me to the beach, twice before settling in our Ilwaco garden.  (And in 2010 it moved with us to our new Ilwaco garden.)

Behind it, up higher, blooms the pink Rosa palustris.  Palustris means ‘swampy or marshy’ so when I ran across this rose I knew it might grow well in the damp ground of the stream arbour gardens.  It is a once-blooming rose and puts on a good but not a very long show.

peachy daylily and rose

A peachy daylily accidentally echoes the colours of Ghislane.  A lot of perfect effects in my garden are unplanned.  I’d like to think I subconsciously knew what I was doing…but probably not.

The right fork of the path takes you past a stand of white aconitum (Monkshood) said to be deadly poisonous to the degree that you should take care to wash your hands after deadheading it.  They are usually known for coming in dark delphinium blue.  The coolest one I ever had was a metallic pale blue called ‘Stainless Steel’ but unfortunately I neglected it in a pot and lost it.  I must put it on my wish list.


To the left of the gate, both the Allium abopilosum and the Anchusa have toppled…I haven’t had much time to weed, and might have reached in too hastily to untwine some pernicious bindweed.

Allium and Anchusa

In the upper garden across from the pond, a richly red lily blooms among tall perennials…


…And that’s about all the time I had for my garden in July of 2009.

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