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along the sidewalk of the Huson garden

Monday morning we were on the road by 9.15 heading for the South Sound tour, this time avoiding the scary freeway tunnels and going on a less harrowing route. First stop:  a garden of sheer perfection in Ruston.

The tour guide brochure says: “The map says it’s in Ruston, hard by Tacoma, but imagination says you are half a world away, in the prettiest garden in the prettiest village somewhere in the English countryside.” Yes!

Allan told me later that when he bought a home in Tacoma in 1986, he first looked at Ruston for its views of Commencement Bay, then found out about arsenic contamination in the soil and decided not to buy there. Ruston’s industrial history makes it  all the more impressive that such an oasis of beauty has been created here.

I wish that Allan  had joined us for the entire tour day and seen this garden in particular.  (He was in Seattle helping sort out his dad’s house.)


The roses and boxwood on the outskirts of the garden caused a flurry of photography by the Hardy Plant Study Weekenders.

from the sidewalk

Lavender edged the path from the lawn to the main house’s front door.  The brochure says that this garden is only ten years old…or less (because the house had been built ten years before).

lavender walk

The driveway planted with tiny buns and mounds still haunts me and makes me wish to take a jackhammer to my short asphalt driveway and do this instead.


At the end of the driveway turned walkway, roses against a green wall defined a guest house courtyard.

doorway to courtyard

guest house courtyard

The guest house porch and door was just this side of the outdoor fireplace.  We entered.   Straight ahead was the bathroom with claw foot tub and porthole window.  To our right, the bedroom.  To our left, the living room and kitchenette.

just inside the guest house door

the bedroom and its loft

How I loved the flowered wall paper and curtains.

the living room and kitchen

guest house

front of guest house

We went back outside to compare the exterior of the guest house with the interior.  We now knew that the window above belonged to the guest house living room.  As we emerged from the courtyard we again admired the planted driveway.

another view

We were so fascinated with the guest house that we walked out to the alley to see it from the other side.

side of guest house

Above: the side with the kitchenette window and the porthole over the bathtub.

from the alley

The alley afforded us another green and lovely entrance back to the garden.

On the other side of the driveway we found another little courtyard in front of the big house.  (Remember, this house is only ten years old.)

house courtyard

the main house

house courtyard

happy study weekenders! (viewed from within the lavender walk)


roses, alliums, lavender

roses and alliums

roses red

turning the corner…

…to the other side of the house

and looking up.

driftwood in the driveway as one exits the garden

Having made our way all round the little house and the big house we had to move on, but this garden has stuck with me more than most.  It’s not something I would replicate for myself if for no other reason that boxwood gets fried by the salty winds in my new garden (although it did well in my old, sheltered garden, and there are alternatives).  But I would love to try this around someone else’s cottage.  It was indeed like entering a dream.  The whole time we were there, a chorus seemed to be singing about The Village Green Preservation Society.

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