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When the Long Beach planters were installed years ago, no plan had been made for their planting and maintenance.  A volunteer “adopt a planter” program began with enthusiastic participants.  Unfortunately, because the enthusiasm tended to not last through the summers, the planters became weedy and unwatered by June.  Finally, a few years ago, we were asked to take over the planting and maintenance of all of them (36 on the main street, and maybe 20 more out on the beach approaches).  Because volunteers chose different plants, some of the planters still have full sized shrubs including non-dwarf barberries, escallonia, variegated euonymous, azaleas, and other too-large choices.  Each year, we re-do a couple of the planters.  In 2016, our mission is to make the planters on the two beach approaches better.  We experience more wind and salt out there, much more vandalism,  and a need, on the Bolstadt approach, to be completely drought tolerant, so wish us luck!

All of the hanging baskets are by Nancy Aust of the Basket Case Greenhouse.

Here are some photos of the planters through 2015.  If you click on a photo to embiggen it, you will get back and forth navigation arrows.


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