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At the beginning of August, I was fortunate to read a small notice in Coast Weekend  that a street of gardens in Gearhart was to be open to the public. Allan and I had considerable trouble finding it, ending up a few extra miles south in Seaside at first,  but it proved to be well worth the search.
Gearhart is an expensive and mostly residential beach town.  I expected the street to be in the older part of town but instead found a new development of modern homes. They were neither cookie cutter homes nor cookie cutter gardens.  Almost everyone in the street was mad for gardening and each had a different style.  This was the first garden…

garden 1: an entry grid

path around side of house, garden 1

further along the path

The first garden’s highly structured plan gave way to a naturalistic corner in the back yard.

beachy corner

From the beachy area (and I doubt they imported this sand!) you can see how the garden segues back to a formal patio.

informal > formal

The owners had a business importing pots and furniture, thus all the good pieces.

patio set up as if for a party

a corner of the patio

another grouping

no old rusty buckets for containers here!

Around the corner of the house, more seating areas.  From what we overheard it sounded like the gardeners on the street were all friends and we could imagine them gathering here on the rare warm coastal evening.

party central…in a dignified way

From the beachy area of the first garden one could look over into the neighbour’s yard, garden two.

second garden

in the second garden

I believe this was also the second garden:


Clearly the inspiration for the second garden had come from Japan.

a shady corner….and Asian inspiration

After the second garden we went back and walked all around the first one again.  I don’t think I could ever achieve such a crisp and upscale style, but I loved the way it went from the swale with grasses on one side to the sandy beachy area and then to the formal patio.

Whichever of the two gardens it was in, I love this sort of detail:

mossy inset rock

Moving on to the next garden, we met this friendly woman who told us she was going to be in charge of the garden section at the new Home Depot which was due to open shortly up the highway in Warrenton:

in the third garden

Here’s her very new and charming garden:

garden three

the front of the third garden

I wish I had taken a photo on one of the outer edges of a stand of dwarf fireweed which was glistening in the sun just outside her back gate.  It looked beautiful and the gardener and I had a good conversation about the beauty that can be found in weeds.  Especially ones that will be easy to pull after reseeding.

How I wish I lived on a street of gardeners!

As is usually true on garden tours, one garden…in this case, the last one…stood out as my favourite and will get an entry all its own.

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