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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Tuesdays have become the day that we make the rounds of the small jobs and sometimes the Long Beach parks.

Norwood garden

Two doors down, we weeded and deadheaded.

My decision to weed turned out to be a good one.  I had forgotten it was Oregon Tuna Classic in Ilwaco this weekend, a fishing tournament that benefits the local food bank, and the Norwoods had a lot of guests. I am glad the garden looked good!

The Red Barn

We watered and weeded extra well because the Long Beach Rodeo would be this weekend at the Saddle Club next door.  I am sure the event spills over onto the Red Barn grounds with extra horses and riders getting ready.

Tigridia (Mexican Shell Flower)

I picked off this perfectly good flower.

That is pre-emptive deadheading.  The flowers only last for a day, and more will come on for the weekend.

buds coming on
Allan’s photo

 Diane’s garden

Of course, I felt sad because my very good, very elderly canine friend Misty is no more.

The septic vault garden:

deadheading with the new long handled pruners (Allan’s photo)

container garden (Allan’s photo)

The roadside garden:

sweet pea success

The Planter Box

We made a quick excursion to The Planter Box to get some plants to replace the shrubs that we’d removed from Mike’s garden.  I found some excellent lavenders.

Long Beach

We tidied the Veterans Field garden and noticed the clever way the city crew lawn mower moved the picnic tables.

pushing the tables around with the riding mower

We finished weeding the beach approach garden. The wildflowers did grow from seed but are awfully small.

One of the tough perennial coreopsis with moth

Our very good friend Mitzu, former member of the Anchorage Cottages staff (as were we), came by to say hello.

I got to pet two more nice dogs, too.
Allan’s photo
We reached the end of the garden with time to spare.

Boreas Inn

I figured we would do some light weeding and deadheading and be home early.

looking east…I wish the daisies matched in vigor.


Imagine my horror when I walked around just to look at the entry garden and remembered that, when we had visited with Kilyn and Peter last Thursday, I had promised to trim the hardy fuchsia that had gotten beaten down by rain. Susie appeared and had lots of ideas about pruning other plants, as well, so my big plan to get home and start blogging about the Ocean Shores tour went out the window.

an hour later

We decided to have a reward dinner at

The Depot Restaurant.

house salad
Thai noodles
peach cobbler (Allan’s photo)

After dinner, we had another look at Jessica Schlief’s gorgeous new plantings at the Sou’wester Lodge.

This poppy!  I think it might be ‘Amazing Grey.’

It made me kind of sad that I had not taken on this job when I was offered it last year; I turned it down because the owner wanted mostly native plants!  Clearly, Jessica is planting what she loves, not just natives.  It would have been fun to make a garden at the Sou’wester again, because it was my first garden when I moved here.  However, I also don’t have time, and Jessica is a local gardener I greatly admire so I love seeing what she has done.

We got home as the sun was setting.


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Saturday, 29 June 2019

Surfside Yardscape Tour

We continued our tour with four gardens on one block at the north end of Surfside.  Each had a septic vault, common with new septic systems.

3. “RV lot designed for easy care, easy access. See a new septic vault installation.  Compare to the vault just across the street, to see the transformation!”

Surfside allows RV dwellers, with some restrictions. I think that one rule is that the RV can’t be left all year.

In this small lot at the north end of Seabreeze Lake, we viewed new planting on a new septic vault.

A lake view sit spot…

…..would make for wonderful birdwatching.

4. “Gorgeous front yard planted with mature, low maintenance varieties for the above ground septic vault.”

Right across the street is a mature septic vault planting.

This garden wrapped around to the back of the house.

love the driftwood fence and arch

The back garden segues into the wild woods.

a handsome gunnera
Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo
Allan’s photo
Allan’s photo

Cellophane gives the look of water. (Allan’s photo)

We like the list of questions that most gardeners answered.

I could be very happy with that woodsy back garden view.

5. “Another easy-care, low water use yard, with planted above-ground septic.”

Allan’s photo

I love the look of the boardwalk, although one of the advantages of a septic vault garden is that it is the perfect height to weed while standing next to it. It is too wide to reach the middle, though.


Allan’s photo

I am a little uncomfortable about the Round Up.  Let’s just say it is not what we do.

Allan’s photo

Next: Just down the block, a wonderful garden that we have visited before.  I have heard that its owner was the inspiration and helper for the septic vault gardens all down the block.



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