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bench, garden five

When we saw this bench at the entry to the next garden, we had a feeling we were in for something exciting.   A red door beckoned….Oh so similar to a door in my own garden and that Gearhart garden I’d so loved in summer of 2008.

through the red door, garden five

a richly planted corner…garden five

Walking alongside the house, with Tetrapanax papyrifer to the left, we approached a delightful dry creek bed with stepping stone bridge.  This brought us all to a halt as we admired the effect.

We love a creek bed; garden five

Note how the patio table has boots….

Note the boots on the patio table…

….and the cow had mysterious works inside…

…and that the garden tourists examined every detail.

Past the greenhouse patio

Past the greenhouse patio we worked our way through lushly planted beds to an enclosed vegetable garden.  I imagined how magical it must look at night with the big white lights glowing along the fence and arbour.

garden five, enclosed veg garden

I wonder how many deer are on Sauvie Island, and if they could be all sent away, or would they swim back across from the mainland?

Meandering our way further down through rich borders….

garden five

…we came to a field with mown paths.   That’s another thing I love.  When I used to mow lawns I liked nothing better than making paths through long grass.

An odd little tree sculpture, a platform, and a yoga mat attested that the meadows did get visited by the owners, although I would have found it hard to find time for stretching on a mat with all the garden to attend to.

mat in the meadow, garden five

Approaching the house from the other side we first came upon a scree garden.

scree garden

Surrounded by shrubs and roses…

garden five

…we came upon well thought out sunny open paths and a patio.

near the house, garden five

Right next to the house is another seating area with a view of the gardens.

This is the kind of care and detail that thrills me to the core.

On the covered porch, a plush lounging area:

covered porch

Might I add that I love the dusky purple colour of the house.

details….blue globe echoing Allium albopilosum

details…a line-up of bog plants

details…a repeat of blue

leaving the fifth garden…

We would have liked to stay longer and tried out the view from every seating arrangement, but another garden called, and we were still hoping to make it to Joy Creek Nursery in Scappoose…

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