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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Much as I wanted to just stay home in my garden, we felt morally compelled to attend this Indivisible North Coast Oregon event in Astoria:

“Bring your signs and American flags, and show support for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which Trump has vowed to end. Sometimes called dreamers, these young people were brought here by their parents when their children were in some cases infants.

INCO is holding this non-violent, peaceful event in accordance with the law. We ask participants to not engage in any act of violence or violate any applicable law, to avoid confrontations with those who disagree, to obey the orders of law enforcement authorities, and to follow the guidance of INCO’s coordinators at this event. Our goal remains to defend democracy and build community.”

an early arrival with some extra signs

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

(An aside: Filling in letters makes a sign read better.)

Allan’s photo

I was hoping more would turn out for this very specific protest. (Allan’s photo)

We did cover all four corners. (Allan’s photo)

Allan’s photo

Joan from KMUN community radio was interviewing for a show.

I stood by a woman from South Bend, Stephanie, whom I had already noticed on our local Facebook groups.  With a shared passion for the rally and a love of cats and gardening, we had much to discuss.

Stephanie’s photo.  This sign has proved appropriate for a number of different rallies.

We got lots of approving honks and thumbs up and waves.

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

The driver (and the dog?) gave us a thumbs up.

Allan’s photo

We also got some thumbs down, at least one “Fuck you!”, and one middle aged white man who leaned out the passenger window practically frothing at the mouth as he yelled at us, “Get out! GET OUT!”

An enormous cruise ship was docked by the town.  One gentleman cruiser strolling by said “You are all welcome to move to Canada.”  He was not being sarcastic, not being one of those “Love it or leave it!” types.  He really was from Canada and agreed with us.

The rally, scheduled for one hour, went on for an hour and a half.  We were almost the last to go, except for Steve whose task it was to pick up all extra signs.

Steve and Allan

Two more events were to follow the rally, going on until 8 PM: A film about immigration and a Celebration of Hispanic Culture.  From an article in the Daily Astorian: “The Hispanic Council had considered canceling this year’s heritage celebration in light of current politics.

“There’s not much for the Hispanic community to celebrate this year,” said Jorge Gutierrez, the council’s executive director.

But, he and others ultimately concluded it was the right time to come together. Besides, the folk dance group had been practicing hard.  ”  The event had the highest turnout of any council event for the past few years.  Many from the rally stayed through the day but….I was longing to get home and do some gardening.

Allan and I did think we might have lunch at the Blue Scorcher before departing Astoria.

Some handsome houses on the way:

I love the flags on the porch.

line of coleus by the sidewalk

hillside garden

Above the Blue Scorcher/Fort George Brewery building, I walked through the public garden cared for by Jessica Schlief.


hardy fuchsia and ornamental oregano


Meanwhile, Allan had looked at the historical area next door, which tells a terrible story when considered from the point of view of the first people to live here.  I find this sign quite disturbing, except for the Garden of Eden part.  Allan points out that it was “written in a different age”.

A more multicultural sort of history:


We went down the ramp inside the brewery to get to the Blue Scorcher…which was simply too crowded to find a seat.

In the Blue Scorcher: Perhaps the cruise ship accounted for busy restaurants; Fort George was also full.

We decided to walk five or so blocks west to accomplish a goal: trying out the food trucks.

a sign along the way

The Garden of Surging Waves is also on the way.

Of the food trucks, two were closed, and one had a limited menu.

Fortunately, I especially wanted to try the Snackle Box.

When I admired the paint colour, the owner told me that she had had a house and a car painted that blue, her “happy colour”, and that someday the Snackie Box will become a reading and writing shed in her garden.

Bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwich) and lumpia (a Filipino treat).

A spam treat evoked Hawaii. (Allan’s photo)

I am glad we had that delightful meal before the weather turned autumnal and blustery.

Now for the five block walk back to our van.  I did wish I had brought my cane on our spontaneous lunch excursion.

street planters including a ginko tree (background)

We saw a garden by the Senior Center that spoke to me of Jessica Schlief.  She later told me that she does not do this one.  A volunteer from the Senior Center works on this steep garden by attaching a rope to their van, parked above!  She told me there’s an article about it, and I found it here. It is an excellent read.  Excerpt: “There are five tow ropes. Three are attached to a metal guardrail and the fourth to the open door of the Astoria Senior Center bus. The fifth is wrapped around Larry Allen’s torso to form a harness.

“At 75 years old, I’m finally getting to do what I wanted to do,” he says as he bends down to pat the dirt around a patch of young sunflowers.

Over the past year, Allen has built a garden perched above the Senior Center, turning a rocky, weedy wall into a tiny gem.”

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

container at the Senior Center door

Allan’s photo

a sign stuck in at a parking lot by the Astoria co op

Allan’s photo

Allan noticed a garden shed high up on a hill over where we parked.

Driving down Marine Drive toward the bridge, I was amused but could not get a good photo of a cargo ship called Ultra Bulk.

Cruise ship people enjoying the River Walk

The cruise ship dwarfed an old waterfront hotel.

Finally we arrived back in Ilwaco.  Instead of going straight home, I felt that (while Allan ran a shed-repair related errand)  I needed some September market photos for the Discover Ilwaco Facebook page.  Could be my last chance if the rest of the month has windy Saturdays.

Ilwaco Saturday Market

Salt Pub

My black lab, Bertie Woofter, used to make that same face.

Oh! The port office hanging baskets are gone.

Don Nisbett Gallery’s baskets still look fine.

De Asis Produce

On the way home, I got to pet Rudder next door.

I was too worn out to accomplish any great gardening plans.

east gate view of back garden

All I did was place a tarp and a pallet behind a tree for the new wood pile.

Frosty helped with the tarp folding.

Skooter in the gear shed yard next door.

the last of the old firewood area

Allan continued to tear off shakes and to putty old nail holes.

At dusk, we had a fire before the rain.

hardy fuchsias at dusk

roasted corn on the cob for dinner (Allan’s photo)

If Sunday or Monday bring rain, we will have three more days off.  We are entering an easy stretch of work, post-tourist season and pre-fall clean up and bulb time.







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