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When the Long Beach planters were installed years ago, no plan had been made for their planting and maintenance.  A volunteer “adopt a planter” program began with enthusiastic participants.  Unfortunately, because the enthusiasm tended to not last through the summers, the planters became weedy and unwatered by June.  Finally, a few years ago, we were asked to take over the planting and maintenance of all of them (36 on the main street, and maybe 20 more out on the beach approaches).  Because volunteers chose different plants, some of the planters still have full sized shrubs including non-dwarf barberries, escallonia, variegated euonymous, azaleas, and other too-large choices.  Each year, we re-do a couple of the planters.  In 2016, our mission is to make the planters on the two beach approaches better.  We experience more wind and salt out there, much more vandalism,  and a need, on the Bolstadt approach, to be completely drought tolerant, so wish us luck!

All of the hanging baskets are by Nancy Aust of the Basket Case Greenhouse.

Here are some photos of the planters through 2015.  If you click on a photo to embiggen it, you will get back and forth navigation arrows.


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The planting of annuals is almost done! Today we weeded and mulched Carol’s garden and got her cosmos in: Seashells, Sensation, and Double Click.  Her garden looked lovely and was filling in in a most satisfactory way. Then on to meet a new client, who gave us carte blanche to fix up his entry garden in any way we like.  A perfect client, with perhaps one exception: the house is going to be sold so we will not see the garden come to complete growth.  That might be a good thing, though, as we are overbooked for permament gardening jobs. I am eager to begin this new job next week, by which time I expect to have all the cosmos planted, as only Joanne’s garden and the remainder of Discovery Heights remain.  The cosmos grown for me by the Planter Box is ready, although Cassius the cat slept on the flats, bending some of the plants sideways.  I thought he was my good feline friend!

Carol’s garden

At Carol’s garden, I am fond of the dry pond with daylilies, which segues to this long dry creek bed, and ends up in a large dry river rock pond on the bay side.

On to Marilyn’s, where we were thrilled to find hoses and sprinklers set up, so we will no longer have to fret about the watering.  (Saturday night after a long day we drove all the way up there just to water….a half hour drive each way, I think.) We’ll still check on it for weeding once a week, for the sheer joy of seeing it grow.

On to Seanest and more watering.  The Zepherine Drouhin rose looks fine…a thornless rose which will bloom in part shade…and Stipa gigantea shines in the evening sun.

Finally, Andersen’s, and more of the principle of stuffage in the whiskey barrels; Lorna wants to them to “punch” arrivees with colour!  She loves the petunia; I do not love the petunia, but this year, petunias she shall have (but with one yellow agyranthemum in the center of each barrel for height).

And home by seven! …with a sensation of joy from getting almost caught up at last!

Sparaxis tricolor by where we park our car at home

I have never grown Sparaxis before; I did not get these from my usual bulb order, but instead from a late autumn sale at Fred Meyer.  I adore them!  Their tidy, vibrant colour pattern and their late-spring bloom.  Will plant many more next year.

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