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Robin Mers garden and Stephens-Norden garden

If I learned nothing else from this particular study weekend, I remembered these two things:  Geranium ‘Rozanne’ can make a blue river through a garden, and tall Alliums looks best in thickly planted groups as seen here in Robin Mers’ garden.




the back garden

looking down from the deck

the view of Puget Sound

shady plantings by the house



At some point here I segued into the next door garden of Mary Jean Stephens and John Norden, but I am not quite sure when it happened or to which garden this colourful container belonged.


fire circle


I have a feeling that we are still in the Mers garden, but since the two are right next door to each other they may have melded styles and ideas.  (And how delightful would it be to have a neighbour who shares one’s garden passion.)

I think I need some urns if I ever open my garden again....

Ah, now we have definitely moved into the next door garden; I can tell by the home’s elegant purple door.

Stephens-Norden front door

To the very left you can see garden tourists just at the top of the stairs.  Sadly, the steep stone steps down to the back patio had no railing and were QUITE steep. I had bad vertigo from an ear infection and suffer from gardener’s knee and just could not do it. Felt like quite an old lady while others climbed up and down.  Sheila went down and later told me the best part was the top level.  I had time to enjoy it.

upper level

The last stop was the Arboretum at South Seattle Community College but my friend and I were so tired, and so stressed by city traffic, that we skipped it and went back to the hotel to collapse and conserve strength for tomorrow’s touring all the way from Ruston (Tacoma) to Tumwater.  After we had toured the many far apart gardens, Allan would meet me in Tumwater and Sheila would drive all the way home to the Albany, Oregon area.  We fretted:  Could we possibly manage to get to all of the gardens?  From the tour guide’s descriptions, each sounded not to be missed.

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