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In Joanne’s garden….

We miss her! Joanne died a year and a half ago, and we keep the garden going for her family and in her memory.  She used always to come down and work with us when she had time and energy, or at least to walk around with us and plan, so we continue to fulfill those plans.  The stream garden was one, and now the Siberian iris are in bloom there, and the Japanese iris are heavy with buds.

The upper pond garden, looking down toward the stream

The layout of the garden is wonderful: an upper pond created by Joanne and her spouse, and a waterfall, and a stream which flows down into the natural lake.  SOMETHING likes to jump in that lake: fish?  Occasionally we hear a loud splash but have never been able to see what makes it. Giant bullfrogs abound and are fascinating to watch, even though we know they are a pernicious import and frowned upon.  When we walk around the edge of the upper pond, frogs go SQUEAK and jump one after another into the water.  We created the stream garden inspired by the book of the same name by Archie Skinner and David Arscott.

two views back up the stream; Joanne’s spouse, a lumberman, had the deck built on the back of the house to view the garden.

Primula vialii and Iris sibirica along the stream

I also had the pleasure of a petting visit from golden lab adolescent Daisy and the new dog, a gentle pit pull named Stoli, and a wee puppy named Harley belonging to a young woman who came to entertain the dogs for awhile. I used to let Daisy out of the dog pen to play, but she is too hard to handle in the garden and in her excitement does tend to break off the flowers.

Joanne was a skilled horsewoman and an appreciator of interesting plants. One feels the presence of a gardener who has passed on and hopes that her spirit is still able to see and enjoy the garden.  I think of her always as we garden there.

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