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Saturday, 9 February 2019

The weather was too darn cold, almost freezing, to play around the pond today. All we managed to do was move a viewing bench into place before light snow began to fall.

The wheelbarrow ice has still not melted! I’ve never seen cold last so long here.

Most of the snow left the garden in last night’s rain.

Here is the view from our front porch today…

And here is our old cat, Maddie, in that same garden eight years ago, a memory brought up by Facebook today.

The front garden

Hebe and crocus

Prevented from ponding, we drove three blocks east to the River City Playhouse to see local singing trio The Oyster Crackers, including our friend Christl, who manages the Wiegardt Gallery (one of our former gardening jobs).

This benefit for the local food bank was a full house, with cookies.

Allan’s photos (Rita Smith, Christl Mack, Bette Lu Krause):

Back at home, I found on YouTube some episodes of the Chelsea Flower Show 2018 to enjoy, followed by the first two episodes of Monty Don’s Around the World in 80 Gardens.


Sunday, 9 February 2019

Bitter cold and cutting wind did not stop us from finishing the liner-hiding driftwood edge at the back of the bigger pond.

Allan got such a good collection of driftwood on Friday!

Allan aboard the good ship Ann Lovejoy

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

The ponds were both lightly iced over.

The wheelbarrow ice has still not melted.

My plant sale plants are putting up with the cold surprisingly well.

Before going back indoors to write these four ponding posts (on my iPad because I am too lazy to boot up the computer), I took some photos of our project. Other than adding some more river rock around the edges, I must wait for a thaw till the next stage, planting.

I’ve always felt intimidated to make a pond. Monty Don’s shows told me how to do it, and he inspired me to try by saying that even if you fail at a project, you’ll have learned something.

How I long for the day when some frogs move in!

Allan finished a blog post of his own about boating in late January. If you missed it, you can read it here.

We were planning to go back to work on Tuesday, February 12th, to get Long Beach’s Fifth Street Park and Street planters and The Shelburne Hotel garden looking tidy for Presidents Day weekend four days later. With temperatures predicted to be in the 30s and very low 40s all week, I think not. Surely the tourists will not be shocked to see weeds and the ornamental grasses still standing. After all, Monty does not cut his grasses back till Gardeners’ World starts broadcasting in March. And I have many episodes of old GW, Love Your Garden, Garden Rescues, and Chelsea Flower Show to pass the time.

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