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Three of five of my mother’s garden diaries from the 90s appeared in among some papers of Allan’s in mid February, 2016.   I am so deeply thrilled to have them.  The others got somehow lost when she moved from her home to Golden Sands Assisted Living in 2009.  She possibly did not think them worth saving.  I can guarantee she would like that they are being shared here.  When these diaries began, she and my dad lived in their retirement home, a manufactured double wide on a 10,500 lot in Nisqually Pines near Yelm, Washington.  (He died in June, 1995.)  A large clearing in the back of the lot held her vegetable garden.

1995 (age 71):

[The journal takes up in mid July after my dad’s death in early June.]

July 9:  Went out to pick raspberries and found the north post fallen over.  The middle one is ready to fall too but is held up by the wire.

July 10:  Picked RB—5 cups frozen.  Also was going to plant some tomatoes, but ran into a below ground beehive.  Got stung twice.  Then found another huge nest in the box of cedar rounds next to green table.  Sprayed them as they came crawling out.  [I like to think these were hornets or wasps, not bees.  Remember, back in 1995 the idea of bee colony collapse was not in the news.]

July 11:  Cut off the leaves from tulip tree branches.  Got a box full of “twigs” for stove.  There are a few branches that need to be chopped up.  I had to go to Jayhawks for cat litter.  I got out of the driveway ok on first try.

July 12: 1:00-6:15  I accomplished something today (finally).  Planted some dahlias in VBW [I am mystified as to which flower bed this means] and tam bed [flower bed by roadside, formerly juniper tams].  Still a lot of new ones plus those in shop.  Picked raspberries—4 cups frozen.

July 13:  Went to bed at 2:45.  (I had the Reader’s Digest and lost all track of time.)  No sleep so got up at 5 and read till 6 AM.  Went back to bed.  Went right to sleep and woke at 1:45 PM.  After breakfast and the mail I went outside not knowing what I would do.  Weeded north area for squash and tomatoes.  Found a new bee nest in rock wall.  Also the nest in the garden is still active.  I want to plant carrots and tomatoes there but I have to get rid of the nest first.

July 14:  I mailed claim to CUNA to file for Bruce’s accidental death.  City pays for $2000 and we pay $3 a month for $39,000 “contributory coverage”, but would be 50% reduction after 70 years.  It would be nice if they will approve the claim but I’m not holding my breath.  [Both of my parents had worked for the city of Seattle for about 15 years before their retirement.]

Pulled weeds most of the day.  Top Ramen noodles for dinner.

July 15:  Planted more of the bulbs.  I punched holes in the boiler and the two black “wood” buckets and planted dahlias in them.  I tried drowning the garden bee nest. I’ll see tomorrow if they are still there.

Roast beef sandwich, pineapple, and rhubarb bread. I’m going to try and write down what I eat for dinner to see what kind of diet I’m on.  (7/24 Good idea but I can’t eat.)

July 16:  I threw away my Sunday crossword puzzle.  Now I’ll see if I can leave it next Sunday.

Picked raspberries—one for me, two for the freezer.  I’m still trying to drown the bees in the garden.


“another wasted week.  I know I did something but I can’t remember doing anything.”

July 24:  Roxie [the cat] has been in the dog house for peeing on stereo and desk.

Finally finished planting new dahlias.  Then I checked the old ones in the shop.  A lot of them are dried up.  I was surprised to see I had ordered a whole duplicate order this year.  I’ll put the old ones out in the garden to see if any are OK.

July 25: 11-5  I got the old dahlias planted—the ones saved from last year.  I know some labels are mixed up so I’m going to have to go around when (if) they are in bloom and mark them by color and height.  It’s 9:00 PM and Roxy is still out.  Maybe she won’t come home.  Also I planted the new carnations.

1997: age 73

July 1:  Store and errand day

July 2: Picked berries and that’s about all I did.

July 3:  Don called and woke me up.  He is coming out just to visit.

He switched two begonia baskets for two that looked better.

I ordered steaks and hamburger from Omaha Steaks for Skyler and Robert.  Worked on Bluestone Perennial order.

July 5:  Picked berries.  Had enough raspberries to freeze two packages.  Spent quite awhile outside “pruning” two of my strawberry rows, cutting out spent stalks that had berries on them, cutting out brown and yellow leaves and weeding.  The June berries are gone and not many everbearing.  Enough for a breakfast.

July 7: cool and cloudy  Picked raspberries—froze 2 pkgs.  Worked from 3:00 to 5:00 “pruning” rows 1 and 2 of strawberries.  Called in Bluestone Perennial order.


illustration by Marcie Hawthorne

July 8: Rain  Store and errand day.  Paid Quarterly Pines dues and assessments.

Spent afternoon “pruning’ African Violets.  There were scads of long stems which I removed and put into water in bathroom planter—there must be over 100 stems from only two trays of plants which are now in one tray.

July 9:  Continued trimming violets.  Divided some. Finally vacuumed the Floralight corner.  Picked berries.  Dale and his new wife Jean stopped in.  They travel a lot in their 30′ motor home.

July 10:  Finished trimming violets.  If all the leaves sprout I’ll have to move out to make room for the new plants.

There are two tomatoes on one plant almost Ping Pong size.


illustration by Frank Fretz

July 11: Picked berries.

July 14: Picked berries.  Don came out—just to visit (?)  He changed bulb in light over utility sink by taking the bulb out of the light over the dryer.  We took old clocks back to the shop.  I went to FCB bank to sign form to stop payment on the $5000 check I sent to SFCB on 6/10 for a new CD.  They didn’t get it.

July 15:  12:00-4:30  I got out and did some yard work.  I planted all of the rest of the Pik Red tomatoes and some Early Girls.  Watered in front.  Pulled a bunch of the perennial geraniums that are everywhere!  I used the “trench” system when I planted the tomatoes.  It will be interesting to see how this method works.

July 16:  11:00 to 5:30  Picked berries—there were some nice strawberries from everbearing plants.  Finished planting all the tomatoes—some pretty small and may not survive.  Planted a row of pepper plants out but saved a few in greenhouse to see which do the best.  Then I potted snapdragon and poppy seedling.  Then I heard Walt and Mary Anne so I went over and brought home 5 barrow loads of wood that he had split.

July 17: goofed off


illustraton by Frank Fretz

July 18:  11:00 to 4:30  7:00 to 8:00   Picked berries.  Started to use old hay from pile to mulch tomatoes but it had too many branches.  Maybe I’ll use the “new” hay in garage.  Cut back some of the big plant that had fallen over into ditch.  Did some weeding in lower driveway.  After dinner I weeded the pathway in veggie garden.   By then I was exhausted.

July 19 HOT AGAIN  I was going to plant some perennial seeds but it was too hot and did some watering.  Worked in the garage sorting the stuff piled up under tarps not for sale during garage sales.  I put the “Robert stuff” together along east wall.  [She gave my spouse at the time, Robert, a lot of dad’s old tools and accoutrements.]  I put my garden stuff (trays etc) on tables etc.  I still have several boxes of pots etc in shed to be moved to garage (another day).  I wish I could get the TVs back into the shop but they are too heavy even for Don to move.


illustration by Frank Fretz

July 21: 10:30-5:00! COOLER  Picked berries, barely enough for one breakfast.  I planned to mulch and cage the tomatoes but ended up weeding, deadheading, and watering the flower beds in upper driveway and tam area.  I pulled gobs of the perennial geranium plants that are everywhere.  Did some weeding in front “ditch” but didn’t get done so I quit working at 5:00.

July 22:  Store and errands day.  Paid electric bill, Tim’s, Payless and Stock Market.  Which is being redone by new owners (QFC) so it’s very difficult finding items.

July 23:  Spent the day potting the many many violet leaves.  I used a new liquid rooting concentrate instead of powder.  There were so many warnings about wearing protective clothing etc and had to use it all up at one time.  Many of the leaves hadn’t rooted yet but I went ahead and potted them all.  It will be interesting to see how many root after using the liquid.

July 24: Finished potting the violet leaves.  Then I put 5 trays of them under the lights in the shop.  I figured that I planted 160 leaves.

July 27: I Swissed a big package of round steak and it made enough to freeze 6 pkgs plus two meals tonight and tomorrow.

July 28:  11:00-5:00 w/time out to visit with Don.  He fixed one of the Rube Goldberg hoses and we threw out one no good hose.  Four hours of work ok in the tomatoes.  I watered in patio bed then weeded and pulled out some spreading plants.  Then watered.  It was hot but I was working in the shade.  Fell down twice because of soft soil there.  Finished up my shift by deadheading geraniums along driveway.

July 29:  Worked 4 hours weeding tomato patch and area around E water pipe and along east beds.  It was hot but I was in the shade most of the time.  I have several piles of weeds to pick up.

July 30:  10:00 to 3:00  Another 4 hours sitting on my stool in the “ditch” in tam area.  Weeded up into tam area and watered there.  I left one area near driveway to see if the Roundup Bruce mixed (more than 2 years ago) would kill those weeds.  Also used Roundup on the weeded area.  The Safer weedkiller had not worked.

July 31:  I’m stiff after two days sitting on the stool for 4 hours each day.

1998 (age 74)

July 1: 12:00 to 5:00 It was cool so I started planting the determinate tomato plants in the salad bowl.  That meant I had to remove the pile of mushroom compost so I sieved it into 3 old garbage cans and I moved the old burned out barrel to behind the garage to sieve into.  Then I decided to use an old post to edge the area and made a “raised garden” for the tomatoes.  (32 determinate tomato plants) Picked berries after dinner.

July 2: Errand day.  Paid power bill and telephone bill, NVN renewal.  Hardware store for my screen to screen compost (which I forgot to bring home) then QFC.

July 3:  I spent all that time planting tomatoes, mostly indeterminate, in the garden.  When I pulled the black tarp back, there wasn’t a single weed.  I had to go to Yelm Hardware to get the screen that I forgot yesterday.  I kept track of the tomato varieties so I should be able to know which are best (except for 8 plants without labels).  I made a quick count of 94 plants.

July 4:  11:00 t0 5:00  cloudy and cool  I checked the seedlings in shop.  I moved some plants out of the greenhouse and then moved some from shop to greenhouse and then moved more plants from house to shop.  I think next week I’ll spend time fixing color bowls.  Picked berries.  Had enough to freeze 3 pkgs.  There were quite a few BIG raspberries.

I checked back to 1997 and read that I set out tomato plants on 6/28 so I’m only about a week later this year.   I also planted some tomatoes on June 6 and 13 last year.  Also I read of large berry pickings.  I don’t think I’m getting as many berries this year.


illustration by Marcie Hawthorne

July 6: HOT  Today I worked in the shade planting seedlings into several bowls.  There are several plants (annuals) too tall for bowls.  I think I’ll plant these in some big peat pots and some in the peat trays so I can plant them directly into the flower bed when they are big enough to fend for themselves.

July 7: Another morning headache so I took this day off.

July 8 (Wednesday): Picked berries.  A large amount of raspberries.  Continued the work I was doing Monday.  In the evening I took Tabby out.  She seemed to enjoy it until Alan came over.  She was scared of him so we went in.

July 9:  I took another day off.  Slept until 2:00.

July 10:  I checked all the trays in the shop again and dumped out the ones that didn’t germinate when they should.  I’m surprised at how many of the old seeds are growing. My color bowls are almost full.  I’m anxious to see how they will look when and if they bloom.

July 11:  11:00 – 4:30 WITH TABBY  Tabby didn’t want to come out but seemed to like being out.  She was laying down in the strawberries and then in the tomatoes.  I had to move her when she got into the area where there is old slug bait.  Later on she got spooked by something so I brought her in.  She ran under the bed with the chain following.  I finished planting some tomatoes that didn’t get planted last week.

I finally moved the card table from the kitchen.  I had it there when I was planting seeds—for at least two months.  Now the kitchen seems much bigger.

July 13:  Bill returned my call,  He will come next Sunday to do all my odd jobs.

10:30-5:45  I wonder why I usually get so much done on Mondays. [My theory is that she spent Sunday doing the big crossword puzzle and getting some rest.]  I picked berries.  Enough RBs for 5+ pkgs.  Then I started plucking the tam and patio Rhodies.  Then I decided to bring Tabby out but she jumped off porch twice and was spooked by the chain.  When I tried to untangle her she took off, trailing the chain to under the shed.  She was a mess, stuff all over her belly.  She went inside and I continued plucking and did some watering.

July 14: I went to QFC to buy the chicken that was on sale. I picked raspberries, enough for 4 packages.  Then I froze the chicken and the milk.  I threw out all the jars of applesauce that I canned several years ago.  I fixed coleslaw and spanish rice for my dinner.  Also made large jello with carrot and cabbage.

July 15:  Skyler called to say they have an appt to see a place in Long Beach—two manufactured homes across the street from each other.  One is a 3 bedroom and the other a 2 bedroom.  It has a lot of water damage though.  They want 90,000+.  [By this year, mom was considering moving to Long Beach and we were beginning to look at houses for her.]

June 16: Today was too hot to work in the sun.  I watered baskets and pots.  Then I worked in shade planting seedlings.  I pretty much caught up transplanting the seedlings that are large enough.  I am tossing out the ones that haven’t germinated.  I am surprised how many of the old seeds came up.

July 17:  I went out before breakfast to pick RB.  It was cool and stayed that way until I finished picking and then the sun came out.  HOT. 78 degrees.  I worked in the shade transplanting seedlings.  Also watered tomatoes and the trays in the shop.

July 18:  It was cool enough to be nice and comfortable working in the garage.  In order to empty the table in the woodshed, I brought the boxes of canning jars to the garage.  I sorted them so Bill Jr can put them up on shelves tomorrow.  I straightened up the garage and got the things together for him to take to the shop.  Then I checked the trays of plants in the shop and dumped the ones that haven’t germinated.  (Had the toots all day.)

July 19:  Bill Jr came over.  The floor in bathroom is rotted and must be fixed.  This means new vinyl which he will do throughout.  He is also going to seal roof with zinc to retard moss growth.  He did some things on my long list.  He will come back Saturday to do the rest of the odd jobs.  I’m not sure how but soon the other repair work will be done.

Skyler called to say the houses they looked at aren’t very good.  The small one (for me) is awful dark and in poor condition.  She told the real estate agent there is no rush as we won’t be doing any moving for a year or so.  I was glad to hear that.  [There was something wrong with the well.  For local readers: The lot was on 102nd west of Sandridge Road on the north side.  Mom was planning to move to Long Beach, which she did the following June.]

July 20:  9:00 AM to 9:00 PM   Another hot day.  I picked berries first.  Did laundry.  Wrote to MBNA re annual fee.  I was busy all day.  In the morning, I watered from 9 to 10 and I went out and 7:00 and watered until 9:00.  It’s supposed to be hot and hotter the rest of the week.  4+ pkgs raspberries today.

July 21:  I put out all my quart mayo jars to recycle.  I’ll keep all the pints.  I can use mayo pints for tomatoes.  I called Foremost Insurance Co.  They will send an agent to check damage in bathroom floor—in 3 or 4 days.

July 22:  TOO HOT  90 degrees.  The agent called at 9:00 AM.  She will come tomorrow at 1:00.  I worked all day going over my house plants.  I repotted several, threw some out, and put the plants back in the Floralight.  I picked berries at 5:30 still hot—not many because of the heat.  I watered from 7:00 to 9:00—then showered and quit for the day.


July 23:  It was cool and a good day to work outside but I had to wait for the Foremost insurance agent at 1:00.  She took some pictures and looked under the house, etc.  She will call Bill after she left.  I worked transplanting seeds in the shade (by then it was hot).  Bill brought a “vinyl man” to look over the area to be redone.  I worked outside till 6:30.  I also did some illegal watering on the raspberries and tomatoes.

July 24:  8:30 AM until 9:00 PM  WOW!  cool, cloudy until mid afternoon .  It was my day to water so I went out to set up the hose and of course I started weeding and deadheading.  Later I went in to see if it was 10:00 yet and it was 11:15 so I turned off the water and came in and had breakfast.  Then I went out and started washing the huge number of pots. (Bill Jr had fixed the drain pipe in the shop.)  I came in at 6:15 to feed Tabby and eat a bowl of Jello.  At 7:00 to 9:00 I watered and deadheaded again.

July 25:  Bill came to start on my job list.  He tried to sweep the moss off the roof but said it would need to be pressure washed.  He did lots of jobs and would be back tomorrow.

July 26 HOT HOT HOT 96 degrees.  What a day, the hottest day so far.  Bill brought 2 guys with the pressure washer plus another guy that did some jobs.  I washed some more pots but got too hot so I sorted some stuff in the garage.  A huge amount of moss, etc.  It really messed up my begonias and pots.  Some of the patio bed is covered but too hot to clear it out.

The tomatoes planted behind the shop in the mushroom compost are really doing great.

July 27:  HOT 98 degrees  Too hot to do anything.  I sorted through various catalog stuff.  I got so sleepy I took a nap from about 3:00 to 9:30!  Too hot to eat so I didn’t.

July 28:  HOT 98 degrees  Picked raspberries but not very many.  A lot of the plants seem to be dried up from the hot weather even though I have been watering every day (illegally).

July 29:  I worked cleaning the patio bed.  Some plants were covered by the moss and debris from the roof.  [The house roof was under pine trees.] I pulled all the ground cover along the path.  I intend to plant some of the flowers that are too tall to plant in bowls.  Cleaned up the path also.  I dumped out 2 bowls with ranunculus that just wilted from the heat.  I won’t try them again.

July 30:  Cool!  12:00-5:00   What a relief.  I planted 8 Butterfly Plants—7 in the Pink Rhody bed and one in front of the house.  Pulled a lot of groundcover and deadheaded.  Also plucked the lower driveway rhody as far as I could reach.  My stool seat split apart.  I may order a 16″ stool even though that’s high for me.


illustration by Carol Inouye

July 31:  11:30 to 4:15  Cool and cloudy  What a relief.  I spent all this time pulling the small strawberry plants, trimming them, and heeling them into trays.  There are still quite a few left but I may have to move on to other jobs—such as tomato cages.  When I quit working today it had clouded up and actually looked like it might rain.





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Sunday, 20 October, 2013

A day off at last.  We worked 19 days in a row, one of the 19 being at least a very short day…one a medium day…the others days the usual or extra hard work.  I honestly thought I did not have it in me anymore.  But we managed to soldier through all the work.  So… much sleeping occurred this morning, and then some dear friends dropped by.  We stayed indoors as the morning weather was deliciously cold.  Allan served brownies and oranges.  As they left, our friends apologized for keeping us from our day off.  I assured them that they had made the day MORE restful by inspiring us to sit indoors till after noon.

I had only one clear mission for the day:  to clean out the greenhouse of the tomato and pepper plants so that it is ready to take in the tender perennials when frost arrives.



I found an Eryngium coming up in one of the tomato pots….can’t imagine how it got there, but I was glad to see it.

a volunteer

a welcome volunteer, now planted in the garden

I was able to save three garbage cans full of potting soil, another welcome surprise.  I thought the roots would have solidified in each pot, but not so.  I will reuse it as base soil if I follow through with my plan to get a couple of really big horse troughs for a kitchen garden planting next year.

found this critter in one of the empty garbage cans

found this critter in one of the empty garbage cans

autumn light

autumn light

At last the pseudo summer seems to have broken into a cool autumn day, weather that I so much prefer to blazing warm sun.  Note, I said warm, not hot, because I do get made fun of when I complain about being hot at 61 degrees!

The garden still has lots of colour.  I took one tour around while dumping debris in the far back corner.

red salvia

red salvia (Uh oh, the kitty chair slipped a piece!)

Geranium 'Rozanne' still somewhat blue

Geranium ‘Rozanne’ still somewhat blue

I could trim all the brown areas from the river of blue and make it look better...or not...

I could trim all the brown areas from the river of blue and make it look better…or not…

When the sun came out, it showed me some maple seedling from the tree in Ann's garden.

When the sun came out, it showed me some maple seedling from the tree in Ann’s garden.

Where in the world (of my garden) can I plant a beautiful but rather large maple?  Oh!!  If I can get Danger Tree cut down, it could go next to the trunk…

hardy ginger in decline....

hardy ginger in decline….

a pale Pulmonaria in Allan's garden

a pale Pulmonaria in Allan’s garden

lost the tag from this plant from Back Alley Gardens...blooming with small blue flowers.  What are you?

lost the tag from this plant from Back Alley Gardens…blooming with small blue flowers. What are you?  And where the heck am I going to put you (and all your unplanted friends)?

hops aglow in late afternoon sun

hops aglow in late afternoon sun

Golden Delicious pineapple sage and Dahlia

Golden Delicious pineapple sage and Dahlia

Near the debris pile, I took a moment to spread out the sequoia needles that I brought home from the hydrangea job.

Near the debris pile, I took a moment to spread the sequoia needles that I brought home from the hydrangea job.

I planted lots of sweet peas along the mesh fence near Nora’s garages/parking area, and as if they knew she was going to be gone, only a few came up.  Now one lonely one is still blooming.

sweet pea

sweet pea

Allan got on a ladder to train the canes of Paul’s Himalayan Musk rose over the top of that same arbour (as if that rose could ever be trained).

arbour work

arbour work

You can see why I think of Nora every time I am in the garden, with her house right there and the fence built transparently to give her a view of the garden.  With her gone, I do wonder every at-home day about the future of that house and what sort of neighbour we might get; I have plans for enclosure on that side of the garden if I ever feel the need for it.  And yet we might someday get an ideal neighbour there.  Time will tell.  I’m a worrier.

In the greenhouse, I found two more frogs, this one:

Pacific tree frog

Pacific tree frog



and this one:

a little brown frog

a little brown frog

Finally, the greenhouse had returned to almost emptiness with shelves reinstalled.

I had removed the shelving so the tomatoes had more headroom.

I had removed the shelving so the tomatoes had more headroom.

Plenty of room now for scented geraniums and a few other tenders to winter over.

The last of the harvest:

harvest pot

harvest pot

Judy had tomato farmed two days before and got enough for a salad.

tomatoes and tomatillos

tomatoes and tomatillos

I don’t really like dealing with tomatillos and wish I knew someone nearby who wanted some.   Many of the tiny tomatoes had gone soft; I just could not keep up with them.

peppers:  bell, Chocolate Beauty, Cowhorn Cayenne, Golden Cayenne, Serrano

peppers: bell, Chocolate Beauty, Cowhorn Cayenne, Golden Cayenne, Serrano

I spent some time today thinking about the results of taking on really big “extra” jobs.  I wonder how wise it is if it takes us three days to recover and the other jobs get behind.  This is certainly the only time of year (other than midwinter) when we have time for big extra jobs, and every year, without us even seeking one, something comes along for a week in October…

Tomorrow we hope to muster the energy to mulch the garden at Golden Sands…always a problem because we have to wheelbarrow down that long carpeted hallway so it is a job that seems to require so much advance planning that I dread it.  Last time it was not as bad as I thought, and good weather is certainly necessary; a muddy wheelbarrow and carpeted hallways do not mix.  It all depends on being able to connect with The Planter Box folks to get the cow fiber loaded into our trailer at the right time of day…

Then we must get back to Erin’s garden after promises we made about three weeks ago and have neglected to fulfill in any way!

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A VERY typical day indeed as we got back to maintenance.  The only thing approaching a project was Allan removing some lady’s mantle that was crowding three new blueberry plants at Diane’s garden.  He also transplanted some Cerinthe although, in my opinion, it would not hurt the blueberries at all (but Diane wanted the area cleared all but for the berry bushes).

Allan's project, before and after

Allan’s project, before and after

The blueberry to the left is ‘Pink Lemonade’ and had lots of berries.  I got all excited thinking that maybe my Pink Lemonade at home might have berries.  (I found at the end of the day that it doesn’t, even in its third summer here.)

Diane and Larry's 'Pink Lemonade' blueberry

Diane and Larry’s ‘Pink Lemonade’ blueberry

Meanwhile, I deadheaded the Agyranthemum ‘Butterfly’ at The Red Barn.  The lovely Helianthemum ‘Lemon Queen’ in that area does not need deadheading at all.

Helianthemum 'Lemon Queen'

Helianthemum ‘Lemon Queen’

beautiful in every stage of flower

beautiful in every stage of flower

beloved of all sorts of bees and the like

beloved of all sorts of bees and the like


I do wish the whiskey barrels got more watering at The Red Barn!

two out of four barrels

two out of four barrels

The one closest to the barn door (left) gets the most water because people dump their stable cleaning buckets into it.  The next one gets far less (i.e. not enough) water.  Note the difference in the size of the nasturtiums.  (The third one, furthest from the door, is, of course, the paltriest!)

The happiest one is by the stable on the south side of the building, protected from the north wind.

lopsided but happy

lopsided but happy

In a wonderful gardening book that I just read, A Breath from Elsewhere, Mirabel Osler wrote a chapter about plants she dislikes.  One is sanvitalia (creeping zinnia) and I just don’t know why.  Yes, it is bright yellow, but with a charming green center.

I find sanvitalia to be just charming.

I find sanvitalia to be a delight.

At the barn, I feel sorry for the horses that are inside dark stalls with no one coming to put them out to pasture.

Indoors at one in the afternoon.

Indoors at one in the afternoon.

I will pick a handful of lush grass in for the poor horsie to eat.  Just a taste of the fresh outdoors.

These two were more fortunate.

The one on the foreground came over to say hello.

The one on the foreground came over to say hello.

two being led out to pasture

two being led out to pasture

After my work at the Barn, I went back to Diane’s (next door) and deadheaded her cosmos.  I have some lavenders to add to the roadside bed but am waiting for damper weather.

still so unsatisfying...will mulch with cow fiber!

still so unsatisfying…will mulch with cow fiber!

Larry, Diane’s spouse,  mulched the roadside bed with cranberry mulch but I don’t think it adds anything other than a nice dark colour.

Next came the deadheading of the welcome sign.  How very badly it needs more blue in the planting!

Yellow "stops the eye" but next year will have Geranium 'Rozanne'

Yellow “stops the eye” but next year will have Geranium ‘Rozanne’

In downtown Long Beach, Allan went to work on Coulter Park while I started walking around to deadhead the planters.  I thought at first I would get away without watering them, but they just were not damp enough to hold till Monday and look fresh and happy.  Soon the watering rounds will stop but not yet.

I keep meaning to Google for what type of Daphne this is:

short, fragrant, long period of bloom

short, fragrant, long period of bloom

The daphne planter is kitty corner from the cranberry harvest mural on the south wall of Dennis Co.

The daphne planter is kitty corner from the cranberry harvest mural on the south wall of Dennis Co.

In the planter by the Long Beach Pharmacy, one cosmos continues to behave strangely with green non-flowers.

an odd cosmos indeed

an odd cosmos indeed

It has some flowers low down on the stem.

It has some flowers low down on the stem.

I weeded and deadheaded at Veterans Field.

at three o clock, vendors were setting up for the afternoon farmers market

at three o clock, vendors were setting up for the afternoon farmers market

I am impressed by the continuing red white and blue-ness of the little Veterans Field garden.

Next year:  More Salvia 'Hot Lips' as it has been a great doer.

Next year: More Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ (right) as it has been a great doer.

Some of the short Cosmos has been excellent and some just terrible.  I have a feeling the ones called ‘Cutesy’ were the bad ones (and the reliable, tried and true ‘Sonata’ the good ones).

good (left) and bad (right)

good (left) and bad (right) with one paltry flower and a lot of dead

In the above right photo, you can also see a paltry Lobelia tupa.  Of three planted there, two of them look better:

a good tupa!

a good tupa!

but none have bloomed with the glorious flowers that we had from the Boreas Inn’s tupa!

Lobelia tupa, 8-2

Lobelia tupa should be doing this!

Back to the planter watering….I admired the schizostylis (river lily) now blooming under many of the trees.

Schizostylis in pale and dark pink

Schizostylis in pale and dark pink

At the restroom on Fifth Street, as elsewhere around town, the baskets from Basket Case Greenhouse still look wonderful.



I think the park at Fifth Street is looking great, too.

I did not deadhead every cosmos...It would have taken hours.

I did not deadhead every cosmos…It would have taken hours.

I still long for the day when watering Ilwaco does not come right after Long Beach…so we can have crab rolls at Captain Bob’s Chowder!

When I got to Fish Alley, I did not have to bucket water the barrels.  (Joy!) I did chop back  the variagated sedum that still looked just awful.

water spots? too much rain? mildew? yuck!

water spots? too much rain? mildew? yuck!

I walked down Fish Alley and the alley to the east to get back to the Columbia Pacific Farmers Market.

looking east

looking east

I can’t bear to pull the Cerinthe that reseeded in the left hand barrel, even though they symmetry has been thrown off.

at the market

at the market

Kim from River Rock Farm was making bouquets out of dahlias (but cleverly avoided being photographed).

Kim from River Rock Farm was making bouquets out of dahlias (but cleverly avoided being photographed).

heirloom tomatoes from River Rock Farm

heirloom tomatoes from River Rock Farm

The Clatsop Weavers and Spinners Guild were doing a demo.

The Clatsop Weavers and Spinners Guild were doing a demo.

Our realtor friend and garden client Cheri is a member of this group but was off getting a treat at Sweet Celebrations cupcake shop!

I had been hoping that Wholesome Hearth Bakery would be at the market with their delicious little black bottom cupcakes.  They weren’t.  One of the spinners suggested I could go to one of the two Long Beach bakeries but I said the treat would not be as much fun if it did not come from the open air market.

Heading west again…a telephoto looking through Fish Alley to show that the view corridor goes all the way to the beach (half a mile west through the dunes).

looking west

looking west

The photo that got away:  Due to traffic I just missed a couple walking through Fish Alley carrying a bouquet of dahlias from the farmers market.  Imagine…

As I finished the planters, I realized that we should not have pulled the Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ out of the planter in front of Wind World Kites (of which just one blue corner shows above).  Not before Rod Run!   The Fuchsia that we had pulled the Crocosmia to reveal got almost totally smashed by Rod Run car-watching planter-sitters.

a lesson learned...

a lesson learned…smashed Fuchsia would have been protected by thickly planted Croscosmia!

I have no photos to show the excellent job that Allan did all around Coulter Park….

And will close with a selection of tomatoes that I picked at home while he went out to water the Ilwaco planters.



…and the still golden view from the south window.


Next:  If fate is willing and no catastrophe intervenes, I’ll be posting about something I have been looking forward to all summer long:  tomorrow’s Cannon Beach Cottage Tour!




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