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Monday, 4 April 2016

The rainy and windy day with sun breaks kept us both home.  One of the longer sun breaks let Allan mow the lawn.  It had been on his mind.  The power drive quit working and he had to push; I think a mower made to be a power drive is harder to push when it is broken.

He tinkered…


“The ‘internet’ says these transmissions are only about $100. Its really buried in there. Oh,oh.”


“Ah ha! The belt is off the pulley!”

… and fixed it.

I got my sweet peas planted (partly in a cold rain), leaving only one place left to plant a few: the Ilwaco Post Office.  I soaked the seeds for five hours first in warm water, and I hope I remember to keep putting Sluggo around where they will sprout.


Crab pots are one of the sweet pea areas.

After that, a 4:30 o clock sun break made the garden glow, and I walked round for some photos…some of the same flowers I have been photographing for the last couple of weeks or more.


Acanthus ‘Hollard’s Gold’





Ribes speciosum




Tulip acuminata, a tad expensive but so worth it


Tulip ‘Elegant Lady’


Tulip ‘Orange Princess’



Dutch iris, Pieris, and lots of weeds I haven’t had time for


front garden east side


from a white narcissi mix


front garden


front garden


by the garage



Tulip batalinii ‘Bronze Charm’


Garden boat ‘Ann Lovejoy’



Today Allan planted the Mary Rose rose on kitty Mary’s grave.


a stray tulip from yesteryear, with horsetail and muscari


center bed


center bed


looking north


in the bogsy woods


outside the back gate


What’s that on the other side of the bog?


It’s the port’s derby tickets sign blown all the way in here!


looking back; a storm fallen branch from not long ago


Darmera peltata


Darmera peltata flowers, to be followed by large leaves


by greenhouse: a Heuchera and, in background, Zaluzianskya blooming quite early


Solanum laciniatum already blooming in the greenhouse.


and a poppy seedling


out the front window just before some more rain


Devery stopped by for a visit.  (Allan’s photo)

After that, I had not such a pleasant evening and night….

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My day

I’ve decided to share something personal that might be helpful to locals, and maybe even anxious non-locals….anyone who is anxious and fearful about having a colonoscopy.  I had one today, under the care of Doctor Weaver and nurse Karnofski (daughter of Jim “BioChar’ Karnofski!) at Ocean Beach Hospital, and neither the prep nor the event itself were as scary as I expected.  I was in a state of panic for a week before because I had put the test off till age 61 and was sure I’d have something wrong.  I’m thrilled to report that Dr Weaver told me as soon as I woke up that I have NO scary stuff!  But my point is that it likely won’t be as bad as you imagine.  (Even the liquid prep solution that Dr Weaver provides does not taste awful. In fact, it was as tasty as a tonic and lemon drink, but I don’t recommend it for thirst quenching.)  And if you are lucky enough to be local, you can go to kind and skilled Dr. Weaver, who has the bedside manner of an angel and is funny, a perfect combination to make a person feel comfortable and at ease.  I read a lot about it beforehand, including some frightening things I should have steered clear of, including articles that claim that having an FIT test (so much easier!) is just about as effective.  The telling point for me was an article that said that any FIT test that has bad results ends up with the person having a colonoscopy anyway, which may skew the results for which procedure is effective.  Like many personal stories online said, I woke up from the anesthesia saying “Have you done it yet?” and it was already over.  I personally know of two valued, beloved people and much-missed people who died of colon cancer and who might have been saved if they had had their first screening at age 50.  I hope this has provided some reassurance about the procedure to anyone who is as terrified (and I mean bone chillingly panic attack terrified) as I was.

While I dozed off the effects of the anesthesia and then read part of a most excellent book…


a birthday present from Allan, well chosen

…Allan had a couple of outings of his own. (Tomorrow’s post.)

Calvin and Smokey enjoyed the extra lap time.   I was sorry to miss a good weather day but was simply incapable of activity other than reading and napping.  As I read, I missed my round furry ball of a kitty, the late Mary cat.


Calvin taking Mary’s lap place

In the evening, we found a kind sympathy card dropped off by friend Carol, wife of master craftsman Bill Clearman.  That was perfect timing because of my missing Mary so much today.  (Smokey misses her, too; I don’t think her other son, Frosty, is very deep.)  Thank you, Carol and Bill; that card meant the world to me tonight.


Ginger’s Garden Diaries


from my mother’s garden diaries of two decades ago

1995 (age 70):

April 4:  Replanted all tomatoes.  Put them in two trays each on top of a new heating mat.

1998 (age 73):

April 4:  noon-4:45  I was determined to finish digging the strawberry plants but when I quit at 4:45 there are still lots left.  I got rained in to the garage 2 or 3 times.  Tabby seems ok but I’m having trouble getting the medicines into her.

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