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I continue reminiscing about the cottage tour in the Tolovana neighbourhood, for which unless there is a hint in the photos, I won’t be able to remember the names of the cottages.


Now, in keeping with the confusion of blogging about something almost two years later, is this indeed the next cottage or just a cute one we passed on the way?

Quite probably the third stop

I think it is the third stop because of the view out the back into the woods….

woodsy back yard

a massive fireplace decorated with shells

There was a locally famous Cannon Beach fireplace builder whose name I forget but he may have been the one to build this…

cottage windows outside and in


along the walk between cottages, a beautiful garden

four: The Wave Crest Inn

approaching from below

Climbing a sloping side street, we approach the old Wave Crest inn from below.  It fronts onto the main street and has dramatic dormers; note the oddly shaped one in lower left photo.

Wave Crest

by the front door

Downstairs the owner has created an ecletic and comfortable series of sitting and dining and reading areas out of the large spacious rooms.

main floor

I remember admiring the bouquet and then being a little disconcerted by the several crucifixes on one wall (the latter not being conducive to vacation relaxation mood, mine, at least.  Interestingly, one of the cottages from a previous tour had been a nun’s retreat.).

a room with a massive fireplace wall

tie decorating



view from west window

Upstairs were all the bedrooms.  (I liked this place so much that if only there had been a bedroom on the main floor, I would like to stay there.  Oh, a bedroom with en suite bathroom. The upstairs rooms, I think, share baths in the hallway.)  Remember that funny half dormer window on the corner?  Here it is from the inside.

corner dormer

I loved each and every upstairs bedroom and every window and view.

western view

picture, windows

The light was beautiful from every direction and I could imagine lounging in any of these rooms, reading and napping.

so comfy

I probably would pick the one with the westernmost view to catch the sunset.  But the view down to the lower deck was also enticing.

view to deck

overlooking the deck

Back downstairs, I had a look in the enormous kitchen.

kitchen with beadboard ceiling

I admired the dining room again, loath to leave the place.

dining table


living room

The sense of history is strong.  I want to find that book:  Comin’ In Over the Rock: A Storyteller’s History of Cannon Beach.

The Inn’s non-glitzy website gets across some of the idiosyncratic feel of the place:

“The Wave Crest is a friendly inn house, which caters to the adult group, free of pets and smoking. We rent rooms, serve coffee, tea, and pastries, but do not serve full meals. We have a piano but no television. We have books, playng cards and other games should you feel the need to be entertained. We invite you to get away and connect with the natural rhythm of the ocean.  Proprietor and Private Home of Daryl “Hank” Johnson”

The only other hotel website that I’ve seen come near in simplicity is that of the Sylvia Beach Hotel.  Reviewing at these photos inspired me to do some research and I found this excellent article (in which you will learn that two of the Wave Crest’s rooms have private bathrooms after all!!  The article also temptingly reveals that the owner’s hope is to one day be serving meals out of that big kitchen…and that the inn was called by a previous owner “The Quill and Shuttle” and was a retreat for writers and weavers.  The original 1920s name is The Wave Crest.

Next, we conclude our tour with two more cottages.

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