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Immediately upon my return from the Sylvia Beach Hotel, Allan and I plunged into three projects that had been pressing upon the schedule: A new bed at the World Kite Museum, a new bed at a private home in Vandalia, and helping with landscape installation at the new Willapa Behavioral Health Center.

WKM bed before and during; this will be a bright colour spot

World Kite Museum director Kay Buesing lined up volunteers to help us with stage one of the new gardens, designed by Kathleen Sayce.

volunteer gardeners at World Kite Museum

The volunteer crew did not sit down on the job despite how it looks.  Right, the bed finished, and thickly planted with narcissi from that very last bulb order from Colorblends.  (I’d never ordered from them before, and was thrilled to find a Colorblends coffee mug and a crumpled newspaper from Amsterdam in with the bags of tulips and narcissi.)

Next, we put in a new bed of grasses and perennials at a private home next to the small Ilwaco airport. The ground had already been tilled.    All we had to do was acquire the plants, rocks, and topsoil, and then mulch, make a decorative rock border, and plant.

Garden bed, before and after; the wee stakes mark clusters of bulbs.

That’s me working…and our client coming home in his plane.

Finally, for the last of the special fall projects, we helped install plants for the wetland mitigation landscape at the new Willapa Behavioral Health building.

Willapa Behavioral Health swale planting project designed by Kathleen Sayce and installed by Doug Ray of Carex Consulting

The wettest spots in the swale were planted with Redtwig Dogwood and Darmera Peltata.  All native plants in appropriate drainage areas should thrive and be restful to the eye.  Meanwhile, Allan and I had earlier planted a patch of narcissi by the front entry and roped it off.  We found the ropes down but after a little altercation (not quite fisticuffs!) with the builders, we got the ropes back up and an agreement that it would not be walked on any further!  I think the contractor fellow thought I was going to back down…ha!

[2012 note:  We have almost completely stopped taking any job where we plant up a garden and then don’t get to take care of it.  But after swearing I never would again, I have agreed to such a project in Long Beach because it’s small and interesting and I can tell the owners are real gardeners who WILL care for it.]

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