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Saturday, 16 December 2017

My not-at-home activities continued because of the need to do a bit more Christmas shopping and because of a strong desire to have a box of Pink Poppy baked goods.

our neighbor, Rudder, outside our driveway

Allan’s photo

In Long Beach, we dropped off a long wool coat at the free coat rack in the SandPiper mall (just south of the pharmacy).

The box has gloves and socks.

This sweet sign has been posted in the breezeway for awhile (name redacted):

We attended a holiday bazaar at

Adrift Hotel…

….where Madeline of Pink Poppy was holding her very last market day before taking on her new job as a personal chef for a local artists’ retreat.

In the parking lot, we met a cairn terrier (like Toto!).


I do long for a nice, relaxing, good little dog.  I had a wildly naughty big bad dog for 13 years so I am sort of afraid of getting another naughty dog.

Memories: Bertie Woofter on a garage roof after breaking free and climbing up a ladder to where Robert was working.  Moments later, he leaped off the roof into the neighbour’s yard to chase another dog.

Bertie Woofter’s version of fetching a stick

At Adrift Hotel:

Allan’s photo

Someone who does not read this blog is getting Adrift Distillery/Starvation Alley cranberry liqueur for Christmas.  It was so tasty that it will be tempting to drink it myself!

Karen Brownlee Pottery

Karen’s butter dishes

Maddy’s last market, with her two month old daughter, Quincy

We followed the Adrift bazaar with one at

The Sou’wester Lodge & Rv Park

Before exploring the bazaar offerings, we toured ourselves around the vintage RVs that are for rent by the night.

The Potato Bug and the three-level African Queen (which also has a lower level)

African Queen mural

a tiny Airstream (Allan’s photo), might be the one I called The Potato Bug

inside the Potato Bug (?)

inside the Potato Bug

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Memories of 1993, when I lived in the round front Spartan trailer for six months:

Beaky (our van) and our new home, Jan. ’93


The Thrifty (thrift store) trailer and the pavilion

inside The Thrifty (Allan’s photo)

in the pavilion

Joe Chasse and his “Dangerous Toys”

Allan’s photo

by Joe Chasse

by Joe Chasse

by Joe Chasse

by Joe Chasse

Some garden art:

Some fairy furniture:

Some more looking at vintage trailers:

by the enclosed outdoor spa

The Blue Wave and one that is new to me

a tiny fixer upper

inside (table must drop down to make a bed)

Larry and Judy were bazaar-ing just behind us!

inside the lodge

With our shopping accomplished, we went home for a mere hour and a half before heading back out to an early dinner gathering. The invitation had been irresistible for several reasons:

It started in the late afternoon, not the evening, which I find preferable in the dark of winter.

It was at a house I love and where I used to garden.

It was a gathering of like minded people and it would feature more serious conversation than revelry.

I took the hour at home to pick a winter bouquet and to spray paint a large pile of dried eryngiums (which project I can now erase from the work board).

Allan took some photos of the bouquet:

And here it is in our friend’s kitchen:

The guests were all amused to see deer lying on the lawn outside the dining room:

We had a delicious dinner and good conversation, and we were home by 6:30.

Now I am hoping for two days at home before the next big event: the new Star Wars film with Dave and Melissa.  (We are running late for that because of varying personal schedules.)  My stay at home December is not coming true.  I have high hopes for January.

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