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2009 was the second year that we planted and cared for a small entry garden at Oman & Son Builders Supply‘s Ocean Park Store.  We were pleased with the way the seasons unfolded and with the massive amount of colour we managed to pack into a small area.  It’s a tiny job that we check on but once a week; we count on the staff to turn on the soaker hoses.  This particular year a staff member loved the garden and gave it a hose watering regularly.  That always helped freshen up a garden and wash off the parking lot dust.

If nothing else, the garden shows off the good assortment of colours one can find in California poppies.

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2009 was the year we tried Cosmos ‘Yellow Garden’ and it was beautiful indeed, tall, with the usual feathery cosmos foliage and pale yellow flowers, but unfortunately even in this garden against a warm wall it did not bloom till late September.

In the winter, the Santolina and Erysimum carry the garden through, and we’ve since added a few Hebes for more winter colour.

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