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Allan drove down from Ilwaco to Sheila’s on Sunday night because I had a carload of plants to take back with us.  Pretty much all of them were for our own garden to enrich it before the tour that was less than a week away.  We woke Monday morning to glimpses of Sheila’s garden through the windows of her historic house in Shedd.  She’d recently had her paths paved making for a comfortable walk around with cups of coffee.

from Sheila’s living room windows

Sheila’s house from the front and side

Sheila and Harold had purchased the historic house but a few years before and yet her garden was more tourworthy than some of the gardens we’d seen during the study weekend.

roses and peonies

a tree centered border

along the front road

The second floor balconies provided good vantage points to see the layout of the garden and help plan out another big bed in the lawn.

While it was hard to tear ourselves away from good company and the always entertaining “Jack Russell Terror” Buckley, the thought of the garden tour loomed large in my mind so off we went to get ourselves sorted out.  Four days till tour day!

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